Colin Darke

As the world’s most prominent ambidextrous artist, Colin Darke’s videos have been viewed online almost 75 million times. After leading a noteworthy career as a passionate lawyer, award-winning scholar, fintech executive, leadership coach, writer, and artist, he filmed himself creating his two-handed masterpieces and was immediately thrust into viral success, winning “Best in Class” for Gary Vaynerchuk’s #GaryVeeChallenge in the process.
Having enjoyed relative prominence in the industry prior to documenting his process, the videos only worked to skyrocket his creative career, seeing him celebrated by news outlets across the globe ranging from the United States to England to South Africa to Dubai. His double-handed artistic talent is literally ascribed to 1 in a billion people, peeking the interest of collectors worldwide who hold his art in the highest esteem.
A natural thought-leader with a passion for unleashing your creativity, Darke has made a number of custom services available to you. As a rule, he feels strongly about art with a purpose so 10% to 100% of profits from any products purchased on the site go toward fighting injustice by supporting the ACLU, Street Democracy and Southern Poverty Law Center.




As an inspired agent of change, Darke is driven to share his knowledge with the world and empower others to hone their talents. His comprehensive collection of “how to” videos are guaranteed to dramatically enhance your drawing or painting abilities and will see you moving beyond creative expression to learning how to use your potential to make a meaningful contribution to the world through art. You’ll quickly understand that the first key to success is investing in yourself – nurturing your body, cultivating a sense of self-awareness, disciplined practice and committing to ‘showing up’ no matter what season you’re in. A daily practice encourages focus, mindfulness, and a purposeful commitment to your personal growth.



Wear creativity on your sleeve and fill your blank walls with inspiration. A multidimensional, ever expanding art experience, Darke’s stunning images have been adapted to a range of top-quality, modern and functional products such as fashion-forward unisex clothing designs, organic cotton bags and sleek tech covers. And remember his commitment to art with a purpose (10 to 100% of profits goes to fight injustice).



With a prolific body of work, he has impacted millions around the globe. Darke’s two-handed prints are available as magnificent watercolor paintings, bold pen and ink illustrations, or contemporary digital drawings.



Championing a firm belief that art has the potential to transform a space or elevate a special event, Darke offers commissions to those who are seriously invested in owning or gifting a one-of-a-kind piece. If you are looking for bespoke invitations, announcements, wedding favors or stationery, he will work with you to ensure that your unique vision is realized.


With his affinity to both long and short-form writing, he has illustrated and written a number of eBooks including biographies, self-help, drawing and painting guides, childrens’ fiction, and leadership books.


His largest collection is his re-writing and re-imagining of Aesop fables to provide more contemporary and relevant advice– these stories are particularly designed for parents to read to their children and foster discussions related to life lessons. The beautiful and arresting illustrations for the Aesop Fables Collection are available in a variety of forms to allow you and your family to continue to be inspired by the stories and illustrations including prints, clothing, phone covers and laptop sleeves.


The biography collections — Drawn to Arts, Drawn to Sports, Drawn to Leadership — have captivating illustrations and engaging writing that will enthrall any reader.



In an effort to marry his passion for creative originality and social justice, Darke’s offering is where art and impact collide. Ensuring that his work remains an important part of making a meaningful contribution to society, 10% to 100% of all profits from the sale of his wide-range of product is donated to three pioneering organizations – namely, The American Civil Liberties Union,  The Southern Poverty Law Center and Street Democracy. This means that when you invest in a Colin Darke piece, you can rest assured that you are automatically making a powerful impact by supporting a worthy cause.