Think Before You Leap — Timely Advice From Aesop

Think Before You Leap — Timely Advice From Aesop

We are creatures of our own minds. Because of that fact, our minds are particularly dangerous: we are wired to believe our own lies. So it is imperative that we constantly exercise our pause muscle. While our instincts might push us in one direction, we owe it to our future, wiser self to pause and truly think before you leap.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve re-written and illustrated 21 of my favorite Aesop fables. The eBook is 57 pages and includes 12 coloring book pages (in addition to the 21 original illustrations). “ The Frogs and the Well” is one of the stories in the eBook. All profits from the eBook go to help art organizations in Detroit — visit my site to review an excerpt from the eBook and/or purchase it.

The Frogs and the Well

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Two frogs were best friends and lived in a very wet and very nice marsh. During a particular hot summer, the marsh dried up. The frog friends had no place to live.

They gathered their things and went on a journey to find another damp place that would meet their needs. They eventually came to a well, and one of the frogs said, “I know this well and it is full of cooling water!” Excited, the first frog ran to jump into the water, because their journey had been long and hot.

The second frog yelled, “Wait! We need to look down the well first, because the heat may have dried up the well like it did the marsh.” Sure enough, when they looked down the well it was empty, and if they had jumped down they would have had no way to get back up.


Think before you leap.


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