Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash Your Creativity

Unleashing CreativityWe are drawn toward art. Toward creating. At a young age, we create without rules and without expectations just for the joy of creating.

Art brings Joy.

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Research shows the multiple benefits of having an art practice, which can range from doodling to painting to just viewing artwork: less anxiety, greater confidence, less self-doubt, greater creativity.

Yet, as we get older, the world convinces us that (1) we don’t have time or (2) it’s not worth it or (3) it’s reserved only for the naturally gifted.

You do have time | It is worth it | It is open to everyone

You can gain benefits in just 10 minutes a day.

An art practice feeds into all aspects of your life — it feeds into mindful learning. 

You can learn to draw, you can learn to paint, you just need to foster that creative impulse and that creative habit

My daily art practice has allowed me to succeed in lifelong learning, in business, and in my personal life, and I want to share the lessons I’ve learned.

Leaning back into the joy of creating, unleashing your creativity, will bring you greater joy. We can all lean into being artists. You don’t have to choose one lane and stay in that lane until you die. 

If your a lawyer, you can have an art practice. If your a doctor, you can have an art practice. If your a waiter, if your on this earth you can and should have an art practice.Critics of having multiple interests love to recite the quote “to do wo things at once is to do neither.” They will try to use that as a reason you shouldn’t explore other interests.

The problem is they are conflating “Multi-tasking” — listening to a lecture and scrolling through Facebook … yes that’s not a good habit, with Mindful learning,which is being genuinely curious and giving yourself permission to learn.

Leaning into your curiosity, can unleash your mind and your creativity in every aspect of your life. 

Give yourself permission to unleash your creativity. Join me and let me guide you to greater joy through art.

Mindful learning, however, unleashes more of your potential than you can imagine.

Here is a collection of Research for further reading:

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