People to Watch: Yvette Rock

People to Watch: Yvette Rock

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A couple of weeks ago I posted images from the 555 Gallery’s grand re-opening at the transformed police station (home of the infamous Banksy piece).  The strongest piece in the show was Yvette Rock‘s Plague of Violence, 72”x36”.  Yvette has better images of this piece on her website.

Plague of Violence, 72" x 36"

Plague of Violence, 72″ x 36″, by Yvette Rock

It turns out that Yvette is also starting a gallery in Woodbridge (to keep CAID company).  Here is a good article in Model Media about her plans.   The gallery will be called Live Coal Gallery, and it will open early next year.   Here is a link to the gallery’s website.   We will keep you update about the gallery, and please use the comments section to let us know anything you find out about this space and any updates about Yvette!

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